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Agile Consulting

Besides the quality and sustainable IT solutions delivery, IT Grids is a Sponsor of the Agile Alliance. The Agile Alliance is a nonprofit organization with global membership, committed to advancing Agile development principles and practices. Agile methods have proven their effectiveness and are transforming the software industry. As agile methods evolve and extend, Agile Alliance fosters a community where organizations and individuals find ways to transition to and advance Agile practices, regardless of methodology.

IT Grids has successfully conducted workshops in London, Hyderabad and Bangalore on SCRUM – XP - Tools (TDD, Selenium), wherein many software professionals have participated to enhance their knowledge in evolving technologies.

“Integrating all views to provide right solutions to the customers”


Thank you for the effort in building the Grahtek's website.The feel good factor cannot be described in words. Kiran, Grahtek
Thank you all so very much for the incredible work that we are seeing.You guys are making a dream become reality and it's so exciting! Lana, DepoSolutions