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Quality Policy

Quality planning should be an integral part of the project planning activity.

  • Identification of which products are to be produced and which of those warrant specific quality-related activities
  • How the quality of each type of product is to be checked - for example by review and/or by testing
  • When quality checks are to be performed; and whether they are they optional or mandatory, whether or not all examples of a particular type of product must be checked or only a sample, and whether items are checked during development or only on completion
  • Which criteria are to be used to assess each product's quality
  • Which procedures are to be used to define quality-related processes
  • Which standards are to be applied

Audit projects from time to time in order to determine their compliance with the procedures, practices and standards

  • Our Quality Audit Questions
  • Is the user involvement there?
  • Are the users empowered?
  • Is the life-cycle being followed?
  • Are comments from prototype reviews being incorporated?
  • Is backtracking allowed when necessary?
  • Are priorities being adhered to?
  • Are time-boxes being respected?

Quality Tools:

About Selenium

Selenium is an Open Source Java Script Framework to automate web application testing. Test scripts developed in this framework can be easily hooked with multiple scripting/programming languages like Java, Ruby, and Python etc. It also provides support for recording test cases.

It supports only web application testing.

Why Selenium

  • It is an Open Source
  • Supports multiple browsers, operating systems, programming languages, testing frameworks
  • Flexible to your choice, simple record and playback (IDE), Complete Framework design to your choice by using your favorite programming languages.
  • Supports parallel execution
  • It easily fits into Agile based development environments

Selenium supports the following types of testing

  • Functional Testing (Smoke Tests, Regression Tests, Acceptance Tests etc.)
  • Browser Compatible Testing
  • Static & Dynamic Content Testing
  • AJAX Testing
  • Data Driven Testing

Organizational Benefits with Selenium

  • Automation Benefits
  • Cost benefit with Open Source

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