Delivery Methodology

We are adhering to the customers need, they can enhance - eliminate–alter the requirements along with the players in a Time-box (essentially an iteration).Defined processes for delivering software in an agile manner.

Time-box Plan
  • Plan for an individual time box within Functional Model and Design and Build Iteration phase
  • Purpose and objectives
  • Define the products of an individual time box
  • Define key milestones, e.g. technical or user review dates, within a time box
  • Interactive Design
  • Agree the prioritization of products and activities within a time box
Iteration Plan

A project consists of a number of time boxes, each repeated until the entire customer’s business objectives are met. We give valueto collaborative working rather than extensive documentation.

The benefit to our customers is more-rapid feedback leading to a reduction in risk.

We make sure our grey matter is at work all the time. Our thoughts are constantly at work with integrated ideas.