Party Analyst

In a nutshell, Party Analyst is built using state of the art emerging technologies and is a fully integrated one stop Platform that offers a plethora of solutions to all stake holders of elections in India including the Political Parties, Politicians, Press/Media and the Voters with social networking features.

The pillars of Indian Democracy – The Elections, Political Space, Media and the Voter – combined together in an integrated manner have benefited from the Information Technology perspective in as much as myriad industry verticals have derived optimum benefits from it.

Party Analyst is an online platform that can be easily accessed from anywhere based on privileges.

  • It can be integrated into customer’s infrastructure, if so desired.
  • It is flexible and can easily be customized based on customer’s needs.
  • It is completely scalable for enhancements and add-ons and can be done whenever and wherever required

The following are a select few reviews that Party Analyst has received after the successful launch.

Party Analyst Services:
  • News Monitoring
  • Voter Pulse

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